Open Source

The free sharing and teaching of open source is incompatible with the notion of the solitary genius.– Golan Levin

Open source software gives enterprises an opportunity to have more control over the functionalities that they wish to derive from applications. It allows interoperability across various operational methods, thus enabling teams to employ these applications for speed, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and information security. We have backend and frontend expertise in a wide range of open source development platforms like JAVA, PHP, React JS, and Node JS. Our repository of open source components, methodologies, and tools allow us to build custom enterprise solutions that are designed to satisfy your customers.

Operational Areas

Hoffensoft’s open source solutions are designed to provide enterprises flexibility across functions through our framework and tools for Agile development. We offer open source solutions in the domains of:

  • E-commerce and education websites
  • E-ticketing systems
  • Shopping carts and payment gateways
  • Voice applications through Node JS
  • Plug-in development through JAVA
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Document Management System (DMS)
  • Software testing and quality control

Stability with Open Source

Open source applications are the perfect choice for long-term projects as they provide stability to the overall IT framework. Teams can entirely rely on open source software for all of their tasks through our development, implementation, and integration services:

  • Implementation of open source applications
  • Upgradation to new and improved systems
  • Infrastructure management
  • End-to-end customer software development
  • Integration of application data
  • Quality Assurance (QA) automation
Open Source Services & platforms


Our open source solutions are regularly updated with bug fixes and features that would help your applications run faster. Our team of developers keeps devising enhancements that would improve the overall quality of your applications. Hoffensoft offers enterprises open source services such as:

  • Website and web-based PHP apps
  • Back-end and front-end support
  • Troubleshooting and support
  • Architecture design
  • Enterprise application development
  • System integration and SOA
  • Legacy modernization
  • Application migration
  • DBA (Database Administrator) services
  • Enhancement of existing enterprise applications

Why Hoffensoft?

At Hoffensoft, we have a dedicated team of 20 plus members who can use their expertise on open source to provide you with services that are in line with your specific requirements. Our experience with cloud technologies like Salesforce, ServiceNow, JIRA gives an added expertise to cloud service providers. Our R&D team is ever-ready to explore its expertise on open source to provide you with applications that compliment your operational framework.

To know more about how Hoffensoft’s Open Source solutions can help your business, email at us or fill in the form below.