The ultimate promise of technology is to make us master of a world that we command by the push of a button.– Volker Grassmuck

AWS is a cloud computing platform that provides organizations with multiple data storage and delivery options. Irrespective of the nature of your organizational data, AWS can optimize datasets of all categories. With AWS, Hoffensoft provides enterprises with globally accessible solutions, while also helping them in moving their applications into the AWS Cloud. Our end-to-end services help organizations identify the AWS data services that would best suit their requirements.

AWS Implementation Services

Three phases of AWS implementation

Our team of AWS consultants study your organizational data to come up with custom solutions that promise you efficiency at every step. Our team ensures this by following a three degree-dimensional working model:
  • Develop:

Our AWS development solutions are designed in a manner that they are easily accessible, and can be optimized in a way that best suits your operational workflow.

  • Scale:

The growing application usage and organizational data can cause your backend systems to falter. We scale your AWS applications such that they can support more massive datasets and workload, thus ensuring that your systems don’t buckle when your teams are at their productive best.

  • Integrate:

Not only do we integrate your existing apps into cloud sources hosted by AWS, but we also integrate AWS with other cloud-supported services. This makes it easier for your team to connect and work with multiple applications in a single window.

AWS for enterprises

Our simple solutions integrate, import, and export your data; thus allowing your team to work with all the organizational data in a single platform. Our AWS solutions can help you with:
  • Developing custom solutions for AWS Cloud
  • Development of AWS-powered applications
  • Migration of organizational data into AWS
  • Data analysis through AWS

Services for every sector

Our AWS solutions give you customized services that are designed to provide scalable, sophisticated applications across the fields of:
  • Consumer support
  • Enterprise support
  • E-commerce
  • Internal team support
  • Business applications
  • Big data
  • Gaming

Other Cloud Platforms

Hoffensoft develops customized GCP solutions that help enterprises develop and maintain high-performance applications powered by Google Cloud.

Our IBM Cloud cloud solutions help automate organizational workflows by enabling rapid development, testing, and release of enterprise applications on single cloud architecture.

Our Azure solutions build, deploy, and manage enterprise-specific applications and help in cutting down infrastructure costs.

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