Helping Hands


Only if we take care of the environment, will it take care of us.
Our team is involved in several activities to make our surroundings much better than we found it. Some of these are

Seed Balls – Throw and Grow
To increase the city green cover, we plant as many trees as possible on an ongoing basis. We make or source Seed Balls, often referred to as “Seed Bombs”, and throw them in vacant places across the city. The seeds spread and start to grow when the conditions are right. As of now over 5000 trees have grown. Our next milestone is 10,000 trees.

Restoration of Abandoned lakes
Large number of small ponds which once were water recharge structures have today become dumping grounds. And quite a few have been illegally encroached upon. We have taken the initiative of restoring these ponds. And it’s quite a sight to see what was once a dry abused land turn into a blue reservoir. Not only does it recharge the local water table, but it also develops a fresh ecosystem of birds and plants and fish.

Angry Birds?
Hundreds of homeless animals and birds die of dehydration especially in the hot summer months. This led to the CAN water project. A simple act of placing Water Cans in parks, open areas, roof tops and any area that has some extent of vegetation saves dozens and dozens of birds and animals. Our EDW team even places Water Cans in tree branches(tied up) and refills them frequently. Quenching thirst fills up our hearts!

Dump yard into Playground
A nearby open area was being used as an unofficial dump area. This blot on the landscape spurred our team to spend several weekends and clean up the place. The wasteland is today a bustling children playground

Social Support

Every child has a right to love and security along with food and education.

We have joined hands with Rainbow Bridge, Kaumaram Prashanthi, Sathya Jeevan charitable trusts and Nizhal Maiyam to aid destitute poor, orphan, physical or intellectual disabled children to help them lead as normal a life as possible.

We have joined hands with Rainbow Bridge, Kaumaram Prashanthi, Sathya Jeevan charitable trusts and Nizhal Maiyam to aid destitute poor, orphan, physical, intellectual disabled children for their socio-economic status upliftment.

The services cover Special Education and Therapeutic assistance (physical therapy). Our team regularly visits these schools to assess the progress and provide additional assistance if required.

Our Activities
  1. Contributed funds to purchase of Ortho Therapy Materials and website developed at a free of cost (Rainbow Bridge)
  2. Contribution made towards the administration and maintenance of the academy (Prashanthi) and
  3. Supplied Doors, Glasses, Partitioning Materials and contributed on Administration charges (carpenter and labour charges) for the poor and orphaned female children welfare and growth enhancements (Sathya Jeevan)
  4. Supporting in preparing and serving food for the destitute and creating awareness for clean environment by planting tree saplings in and around the city. We contributed for their annual event held recently.(Nizhal Maiyam)


Rivers, ponds and lake feed us and stabilize the climate. They are being emptied of life and filled with plastic and other pollutants. Our life depends on them. Every breath we take comes from these natural resources. Let’s protect our natural reservoirs together!

We have partnered with Siruthuli, an NGO based in Coimbatore, which works to rejuvenate the water sources in the city of Coimbatore. We contribute in several ways:   1. Provide technology support to identify traditional water reservoirs and which can be better analyzed / monitored of the proper usage and wastage.
  2. Voluntary contribution by employees on monthly basis
  3. Hoffensoft matches the employee contribution
  4. Awareness campaigns in villages and rural areas to avoid wastage of water

Click here for more information on Siruthuli


Medical Support
Our team heard of a tragic accident of the brothers Hari and Vasu. One had a severe head injury and the other lost a leg. We contributed towards their huge medical expenses and today they have recovered and trying to lead a normal life.

Mathilda, a woman in our neighbourhood was suffering from memory disorder. We contributed towards the medical treatment.

Flood in Kerala
Large parts of the Kerala state was ravaged by unprecedented floods. Understanding the gravity of the situation, our employees raised funds to send the items like Rice, Candles, Biscuits, Mosquito Coils, Kids Diapers, Mothers Horlicks, T-shirts and Sanitary napkins that were urgently required at the relief camps.

Anonymous Blankets Distribution
Can you imagine spending a cold night on the pavement? That’s what homeless people do. Our team couldn’t just drive past such needy people. So they put together a program to distribute blankets to these people during many winter nights. And the interesting part? The person wakes up in the morning covered in a blanked and has no clue how it came about!