Technology is not just a tool. It can give learners a voice that they may not have had before.– George Couros

Voice-enabled applications are the future of technological innovations. They allow you to interact with your application in a manner that feels most natural to you. Voice-based commands are not application-centric, thus providing you with a universal interface that promises versatility across all types of operational models. Voice applications can not only be personalized for your individual business needs, but they also help you in overall project management. As pioneers in voice-based interfaces, we bring the future a step closer by providing voice-based integration to enterprise solutions. Our voice app development covers Amazon Alexa and, Google Home.

Increase Business Efficiency with Voice Apps:

After touch-based mobile and web applications, voice-based applications are the next generation of innovation. By interacting with your applications through voice, you no longer need to adapt to a new user interface. Voice-enabled applications make your workplace tasks simple, and provide you with unique value additions such as:

  • A voice interface for the performance of work-related tasks
  • Access complex enterprise systems easily
  • Interact with conversational voice-based interfaces
  • Voice-based applications that can perform all standard  tasks

Integration Services:

Not only do we provide customized voice-based enterprise solutions, but we also integrate voice applications into existing tools and applications, enterprise systems, and other relevant services. By tackling design problems associated with voice integration, Hoffensoft provides a voice-based interface on mobile and web applications. We perform voice integration on open-source services like JAVA, PHP, Reactjs, and Nodejs; and on cloud services like Salesforce, ServiceNow, and JIRA.


Our R&D division is adept at handling the complexity of interfacing voice solutions with your applications. We are the pioneers at providing custom voice-enabled enterprise solutions for Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other hybrid platforms:

With more than six years of experience in the Alexa Amazon app development, Hoffensoft has created more than 25 apps that are centred around Alexa skills. We develop enterprise-specific applications on Alexa, and perform custom linking of your organisation’s accounts and operations with Alexa.

Hoffensoft provides enterprise solutions with Google Home voice apps that can help you in developing custom Google Home apps and voice assistants for your organization. We also provide voice integration of Google Home with any existing tools and applications.

To know more about how Hoffensoft can help you with voice application solutions, email at us sales@hoffensoft.com or fill in the form below.