Google Cloud Platform

With the cloud, individuals and small businesses can snap their fingers and instantly set up enterprise-class services.– Roy Stephan

An assortment of cloud computing services offered by Google, the GCP (Google Cloud Platform) provides enterprises with an opportunity of integrating all their applications on a single cloud infrastructure. This cloud infrastructure is the same as the one used by Google for its other products, thus enabling enterprises to integrate all of their workload in a seamless and uniform cloud architecture. Our customized GCP solutions help enterprises develop and maintain high-performance applications powered by Google Cloud, thus enabling them in getting the most out of their cloud infrastructure.

Gamut Of Service

A Gamut of services

Our integration with GCP allows you to create and manage new applications without worrying about subsequent maintenance. With GCP, we provide a series of modular cloud services which include:
  • Development of enterprise-specific GCP strategies
  • Developing custom applications that are secure at multiple levels
  • Integration of existing applications into the Google Cloud Platform
  • Round the clock maintenance and support

App Engine solutions

App Engine is GCP’s platform for developing and launching mobile applications in data centres managed by Google. Our App Engine solutions help enterprises in developing, launching, and maintaining mobile applications powered by Google Cloud. We specialise in :
  • Development of mobile applications powered by Google Cloud
  • Migration of legacy enterprise applications to App Engine
  • Utilization of Google cloud services for application enhancements
App Engine
Unique Value Adds

Unique value adds

With Hoffensoft’s integration with Google Cloud Platform, applications that take years to develop can be built and deployed in a matter of few months and weeks. We provide you with excellent value added services such as:
  • A productive and efficient cloud experience
  • Upgrading and scaling of applications in your cloud infrastructure
  • Performance management and monitoring
  • On-demand services and administrative support
  • Managed and defined Google Cloud Platform


Our team provides you with constant support for GCP applications, and can assist you with GCP’s operational aspects and the development of minimum viable products.


Other Cloud Platforms

We provide end-to-end services that help organizations identify the AWS data services that would best suit their requirements, and then build on those solutions.

Our IBM Cloud cloud solutions help automate organizational workflows by enabling rapid development, testing, and release of enterprise applications on single cloud architecture.

Our Azure solutions build, deploy, and manage enterprise-specific applications and help in cutting down infrastructure costs.

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