Azure Cloud

Cloud computing is empowering… companies leveraging cloud will be able to innovate cheaper and faster.– Jamal Mazhar

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that provides enterprises with a range of services along the domains of computation, storage, analytics, and networking. Through our Azure solutions, we build, deploy, and manage enterprise-specific applications, thus cutting down infrastructure costs. Our solutions collate all your enterprise applications on one platform, thus reducing the need for constant maintenance and support.



An ever-expanding platform of cloud services that helps organizations meet their business challenges, Azure enables the deployment of applications on a global network. With Microsoft Azure, Hoffensoft develops enterprise-specific and scalable solutions along the domains of:
  • Business analytics
  • Cloud services
  • Web development
  • Virtual machines
  • Media support
  • Site maintenance and recovery
  • Data management

Operational benefits

Microsoft Azure not only gives enterprises an opportunity to deploy optimizable solutions, but it also helps them achieve uniformity across their entire cloud infrastructure. Hoffensoft’s Azure solutions can help you achieve:
  • Flexible computing power
  • Massive space for storage of structured and unstructured data
  • Incorporation of Azure applications within Microsoft Office and BI tools
  • Scalable applications that grow with the business
  • Ability to launch both Windows Server and Linux OS within the cloud


We provide Azure assistance on both Microsoft and non-Microsoft platforms through services such as:
  • Migration of existing applications to Azure
  • Developing enterprise-specific cloud applications compatible with Azure
  • Developing and hosting websites in Azure’s web infrastructure
  • Integration of other cloud applications with Azure
  • Develop Azure applications with languages like PHP, Python, and Node js
  • Upgradation of legacy applications without any change in performance

Why Hoffensoft

Hoffensoft’s team of consultants are experts at delivering end-to-end Azure solutions. By taking care of every stage of the application development lifecycle, we ensure that enterprises achieve the operational efficiency they need to grow their business. Through our solutions, we provide you with value-added services like reduced deployment failures and rollbacks, round the clock application support, cost-effective solutions, and strict security measures with organizational information.

Other Cloud Platforms

We provide end-to-end services that help organizations identify the AWS data services that would best suit their requirements, and then build on those solutions.

Hoffensoft develops customized GCP solutions that help enterprises develop and maintain high-performance applications powered by Google Cloud.

Our IBM Cloud cloud solutions help automate organizational workflows by enabling rapid development, testing, and release of enterprise applications on single cloud architecture.

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