Salesforce Solutions

The cloud services companies of all sizes. The cloud is for everyone. The cloud is a democracy.– Marc Benioff

A cloud-based platform of applications, Salesforce helps enterprises in running a smooth business by bridging the gap between customer engagement and conversion. Hoffensoft provides end-to-end customized Salesforce solutions that are designed to provide enterprises with a seamless user experience. With a background of working with some of the Fortune 500 companies, we have developed an expertise in migrating applications from legacy systems into the Salesforce platform. Hoffensoft provides enterprises with the following Salesforce integration services to help them deliver more profitable results from their business:


Superior Value-Add

Salesforce helps you improve internal processes by integrating all your applications into a single platform. Our integration solutions focus on key business metrics like data, business logic, presentation, and security layers to provide you with:

  • Greater operational efficiency
  • Improved productivity
  • Business consistency
  • Improved customer relationships

Salesforce Implementation

Hoffensoft guides your business through the entire Salesforce implementation process to provide quality services that are cost-effective and hold minimum risks. We promise you:

  • Worry-free cloud adoption
  • Maximised value across all key metrics
  • Custom QuickStart packages for easy Salesforce migration

Defined Plan of Action

To ensure that our customers get the best out of their Salesforce investment, we follow an established process:

Salesforce - Implementation process diagram

We understand that every business operates differently. Our ability to implement and integrate any possible application or service like JIRA, ServiceNow, DellBoomi, Apttus, AppExchange with Salesforce allows us to provide you with custom solutions that are unique to your organisational needs:


AppExchange is a Salesforce cloud computing store that allows enterprises to create independent plug-ins. If you have a company-specific requirement, Hoffensoft can design and develop custom plug-ins that are based on Salesforce coding and functionality, and address your particular needs. is a cloud-based platform that offers advanced cloud computing services to enterprises. Through, Hoffensoft provides you with custom Salesforce migration solutions for your specific business needs. By working on more than 100 Salesforce customization projects, we are experts at performing custom coding to provide your business with the perfect application.

Hoffensoft also provides you with enterprise-specific custom solutions through Visualforce and APEX, with additional functionalities to fit your requirements.

To better manage your organisational data, we offer data migration from the current legacy CRM system, ERP, or in-house system to the cloud platform. Our strategies are streamlined and are designed around the following process:

  • Understand current data and its sources
  • Identify and develop the right migration tool/process
  • Clean the data to suit the cloud platform requirements
  • Import data to the cloud platform

By connecting with the Salesforce community portal, organisations can provide their customers with exclusive access to their Salesforce interface. The Salesforce Community Cloud is a portal that connects and facilitates communication among Hoffensoft employees, clients, and partners. Our community services include:

  • Configuration of the community portal
  • Branding portal to your organisational theme
  • Setting up of permission/user profiles
  • Advanced UI customization

You can also use Salesforce Community cloud to register and raise tickets, discuss your issues and queries, and to connect and build relationships with clients.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in working with ISP, FMCG, NGO, and bio- medical industries. Through our 24×7 customer support, we use Salesforce Service Cloud to provide services in the domains of:

  • User management
  • Tracking customer queries
  • Personalising service for custom solutions
  • Security management
  • Analytics
  • Community set-up
  • Lead management
  • Opportunity and quote management
  • Case management

Hoffensoft provides expertise on Salesforce as a technology development platform. To know more about our other Salesforce products, email at us or fill in the form below.