Dev Ops

Our industry is going through quite a wave of innovation and it’s being powered by a phenomenon which is referred to as the cloud.– Steve Ballmer

DevOps helps you in increasing your organisation’s productivity through its collection of tools and techniques that enable teams to collaborate with each other. Designed to work on Agile principles, DevOps provides your business with the necessary platform to connect and work together on the project without any operational delays. We believe that primary processes, key success attributes, operational frameworks, and tools play a crucial role in determining an enterprise’s progress. Hoffensoft’s DevOps solutions take these factors into account to provide you with application and infrastructure migration that can benefit your organisation by:

Functional areas:

Through DevOps, Hoffensoft provides you with a development expertise that not only helps you in delivering superior products to your customers but provides them with the personalized services as well. We build DevOps solutions along the areas of:

    • Version control and compliance support
    • Continuous integration and cloud automation
    • AWS DevOps and security
    • Log and configuration management
    • Cloud security framework
    • Monitoring & alerting
    • Service discovery and support coverage
    • Container orchestration
Dev Ops Services

Project optimisation through DevOps:

DevOps helps you better manage your project workflows by improving transparency across all functional areas. Our DevOps solutions are designed to increase your productivity by providing services such as:

  • Faster delivery time
  • Improved collaboration across teams
  • Stable operating environment across systems
  • Quick detection and correction of bugs and defects
  • Continuous deployment and release of software packages
  • Regular testing of DevOps solutions
  • Round the clock monitoring of individual applications


Our solutions not only help you in delivering quality products, but they can also make sure that you have shorter release cycles and reduced timelines. Hoffensoft’s DevOps solutions are designed to provide you with unique value adds like:

  • Resource pooling and on-demand service
  • Reduced deployment failures
  • Rapid elasticity and reduced rollbacks
  • Effective management and disaster recovery
  • Cost optimization
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Cloud monitoring, migration, and security
  • Fast problem resolution
  • 24/7 administrative support
  • Managed cloud platforms

Cloud Platforms

Through configuration and infrastructure management, and deployment automation, we deliver our expertise on the following tools:

We provide end-to-end services that help organizations identify the AWS data services that would best suit their requirements, and then build on those solutions.

Hoffensoft develops customized GCP solutions that help enterprises develop and maintain high-performance applications powered by Google Cloud.

Our IBM Cloud cloud solutions help automate organizational workflows by enabling rapid development, testing, and release of enterprise applications on single cloud architecture.

Our Azure solutions build, deploy, and manage enterprise-specific applications and help in cutting down infrastructure costs.

We also provide DevOps solutions for other tools like Bitbucket, Github, SVN, Perforce, Jenkins, Chef, Ansible, Docker & Kubernetes, ECS, CloudFormation, Terraform, Sensu, Cloudwatch, Nagios, Nessus, ELK, TrendMicro, Consul and Vagrant

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